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How to attract a Capricorn!

Step 1: Make Them Laugh

Capricorns tend to be very serious, bordering on melancholy, weighed down with their agenda for success. Spend time lightening the mood and making them laugh to begin to bring their guard down. They will appreciate the break. Do not engage in serious lines of questioning about their emotions. Capricorns like to connect on an intellectual level. Talk instead about serious intellectual topics and things that matter. Once a Capricorn feels safe, they will let you in on an emotional plane and broach those discussions.

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Anonymous said: You replying to the message about the Capricorn still in love helped. Do you have anything else? :) Thank you. It's so tough.

Hey!!! C:

It is very tough and painful when that person is still lingering in your heart ( I had a similar experience). The only things that helped was time and new people that came in my life. I did things that I enjoyed to keep my mind off of him and I kept myself busy. Eventually, I got over him!  Also, I realized that I shouldn’t dwell on just one person. There are so many guys out there who will know how to appreciate you and value you and treat you like a princess! :) 

Anybody have advice on how they cope on past loves? :3

Anonymous said: Is there any hope for a Capricorn girl to get over the one she's in love with? Will it take time?

Hello my dear! C:

A Capricorn can definitely get over the person she loves. Time will be the healer! :) 

I hope this helped, if not shoot me another message <3

Anonymous said: Is it normal for a girl Capricorn to hold onto a lover so long?

Hello C: 

I would say yes because Capricorn is a very romantic sign! Romantic signs tend to hold on to their lovers longer!

Now that it is summer!

I am going to have more time to work on the blog. I disappeared for a few months because I had to focus on school, but I am back (and I am very sorry for not posting). I will be posting more things and I will be answering more questions.

What would you guys like to see on this blog?