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Who is your favorite famous Cancer?

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Anonymous said: Hey! Ag, I wanted to know the compatability with a cancer girl (July 15) and a taurus guy (May 10)?

Hello! C:

This is a very good combination! These two signs have almost the same values; they value the family, food, and stability. They make a natural comfort zone. There is a lot of trust between these two signs so the pairing will harmonic! 

Anonymous said: You replying to the message about the Capricorn still in love helped. Do you have anything else? :) Thank you. It's so tough.

Hey!!! C:

It is very tough and painful when that person is still lingering in your heart ( I had a similar experience). The only things that helped was time and new people that came in my life. I did things that I enjoyed to keep my mind off of him and I kept myself busy. Eventually, I got over him!  Also, I realized that I shouldn’t dwell on just one person. There are so many guys out there who will know how to appreciate you and value you and treat you like a princess! :) 

Anybody have advice on how they cope on past loves? :3

Anonymous said: Hey AG! I wanted to ask abotu compatability, I'm a Cancer girl and I'm talking to an aquarious guy, how do oyu think this will work out?

Hello C:

I am not in favor of this match simply because Aquariuses are very mean to water signs. Cancers are going to want a faithful partner, Aquariuses are not going to be able to bring that in the relationship ( they are very free-spirited and it is hard for them to settle down). Cancer are very sensitive and Aquariuses are going to hurt them with their wittiness!

Anonymous said: Is there any hope for a Capricorn girl to get over the one she's in love with? Will it take time?

Hello my dear! C:

A Capricorn can definitely get over the person she loves. Time will be the healer! :) 

I hope this helped, if not shoot me another message <3

Anonymous said: I'm a Taurus girl in a relationship with a Libra girl. How does that work? :)

Hello C:

I got an answer here

This pair can be a very good match! Also, the gender doesn’t really matter in astrology, the link that I am sending you is a guy/girl question, but it is the same as girl/girl, guy/guy :)

Anonymous said: Virgo and Pisces ? even if they are opposites. are they atleast somewhat good for eachother?

Hello C:

There is a very confusing explanation of these two pairing online! They say that these two signs don’t work out!

But off personal experience ( I am a Pisces and some of my close and best friends are Virgo), I feel like these two are a great match because they complement each other. Virgo shows Pisces how to be less mess and more organized. While Pisces shows Virgo a more upbeat and fun lifestyle. 

I have faith in these two signs! :)

Anonymous said: Is it normal for a girl Capricorn to hold onto a lover so long?

Hello C: 

I would say yes because Capricorn is a very romantic sign! Romantic signs tend to hold on to their lovers longer!

diamonds-and-blackpearls said: How does it look for a Pisces girl and a Libra guy?

Hello C:

Here are some answers

Anonymous said: Hi, I love your blog! I'm a Libra female( 9/25/97) and I've been interested in a Capricorn female(12/22/96) for a couple years now, but I haven't done anything about it. Compatibility?

Hello C:

Here is an answer!

It can work out!